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With Play Active, it’s easy and quick for early learning services to provide more opportunities and supportive environments for physically active play.

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Play Active supports Educators, Directors and Parents to boost children’s active play.

How active should children be?
What about screen time?

We’ve collated the best available Australian evidence to simplify the answers to these questions. Learn more by signing up and also learn how to increase opportunities for play and alternatives to screen time.

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National Quality Standards

Play Active supports early learning services to exceed multiple Quality Areas, especially Standard 2.1: “Each child’s health and physical activity is supported and promoted.”

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Children aren’t as active as we think…

Most Educators, Directors and parents think that their children are getting enough physical activity to be healthy and happy. But research shows that more than 4 in 5 children would benefit from doing more physical activity – especially ‘energetic play’ that gets them huffing and puffing.

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Delivery Partners

Play Active has long-standing partnerships across the early childhood, health promotion, play and government sectors.

Backed by Research

Play Active was evaluated in 2021, with positive and demonstratable benefits on Educators’ physical activity practices. 83% of Educators and 78% of Directors were satisfied or very satisfied with Play Active.
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What do early childhood sector experts think about Play Active?

Griffin Longley

Innovator, Advocate, Strategist,
Play Active goes straight to the heart of helping to ensure that every kid has that active, healthy, start.

Shelly Prendergast

Owner, Sonas Childcare
If we know physical activity is important both for physical and mental and emotional well-being, and we know children aren’t as physically active as they should be, then we can make decisions for the children we have in our care now, so we can improve their outcomes for the future. Play Active is the perfect tool to do that, because it’s precise and it gives good, direct information.

Trevor Shilton

Consultant, Physical Activity & Public Health
Play Active provides early childhood education and care centres and staff with high-quality guidance to modify their policies, environments and practices in ways that give children the best possible opportunities for early development, for both their bodies and minds. This benefits all children and in particular those with the greatest needs.

Rachelle Tucker

, Early Childhood Australia, WA Branch
We're thrilled to see Play Active planning to support early learning services across Western Australia to become more physically active through active play — especially those services with parents and families experiencing greater hardship.

Todd Dawson

WA State Manager, Goodstart Early Learning
Play Active is an essential evidence-based program that we have actively contributed to in terms of its development and delivery to Goodstart services state-wide.

For Educators & Directors

With two free versions, you can quickly access directly relevant content. Certified Services receive extra physical and online resources, exclusive content, discount codes and more — all for a very low cost.

For Educators

A 20-minute training program to boost your knowledge about active play in early childhood education and care


Features you'll love:

Eight short-training videos

Eight questions to check your knowledge

Jump in and jump out, complete at your own pace

Certificate for completing

Aligned to the National Quality Standards

Valid for two years

For Directors

A 60-minute support package to boost directors knowledge about active play and to develop a policy for your service


Features you'll love:

All the Educator features

Create your own physical activity policy

A tool to quickly assess where your service can improve

Completion unlocks access to become a Certified Service

Become a Certified Service

For Directors who complete their 60-minute program, they can get access to the

A$100 (valid for 2 years)

Features you'll love:

Receive member resource pack in mail, including a Play Active outdoor sign, floor decals, flyers for parents, a printed resource guide, and more.

Download your personalised policy as a PDF

Be recognised on the Play Active homepage as a Certified service

All your staff can join a private Facebook Group to access and share active play resources


Nature Play Online Course X% Discount Code

Online access to resources to get children more active

Exclusive Live Webinars

Is your service Certified?

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For Parents

Find out what early learning services are available in your area, ensuring your child is in a facility that actively promotes active play, to ensure your child is physically active.

For Educators

Check if your service is registered with Play Active. If not, prompt your Director to join.

For Directors

Check your service’s Play Active Certification and NQF status, and check out the competition. Give your organisation a competitive advantage over others in your local area.

Evaluation Partners

Since 2017, we have been doing high-quality research with Play Active. Our evaluation partners are world-leading research organisations.

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